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As soon as I learned about SAP to Unveil SAP HANA 2, I wanted to get my hands on it, and with the release of the HANA 2, express edition this is in fact very easy. Had I not previously registered with SUSE to Secure my HANA, express edition, I would have just started from scratch with a new Virtual Machine Image. But since I have and would like to preserve it, I take a different approach:

  1. Increase memory to 8 GB

  2. Download Binary Installer

  3. Create temporarily user

  4. Uninstall HANA 1

  5. Install HANA 2

  6. Connect to HANA 2 Cockpit

In order to allow for the upgrade to HANA 2, I have to increase the memory of my virtual machine to 8 GB:

Then I download the Binary Installer with the HANA, Express Edition Download Manager 2.0:

And unpack it into a temporary location:

Next I create myself a temporary user, since user hxeadm will be temporarily deleted in the process:

Leveraging my temporary user, I uninstall HANA 1:

And subsequently install HANA 2 from the temporary location with instance number 00 to reuse my HANA Studio settings and browser bookmarks:

The base install can take a while, but eventually the resident hdblcm and AFL get installed:

So that the installation finishes successfully. Interestingly, the HANA 2, express edition comes already with a tenant database:

In HANA Studio, I can log into my system including the AFL:

To explore the HXE tenant database, I connect the system to my standalone HANA 2 Cockpit and in fact see a second database Not running:

So I attempt to start it:

And in fact, after a short while, it is running just fine:

So that I can connect and monitor it from my standalone HANA Cockpit as well:

From here I will continue to explore the further options. Please send me any of your own discoveries and feedback.

Very best regards and thank you in advance

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