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Hi Friends,

I came across few posts/threads where people are looking -How to apply patch for single component with out generating XML file in solution manager. So I thought lets write a blog on this topic.

In this blog I would like to share detailed procedure - How to upgrade single JAVA component patch level using SUM tool without generating XML file, for example here I have updated the component ENGINEAPI from patch level 12 to 16.

Download the patch from SAP market Place and place it in a folder as per your convenience .

->Make sure we have component ENGINEAPI patch 16 available on the server

Here in this blog  I have used the SUM tool SP level 20

Extract and Give Permission To SUM Tool

After extracting the SUM TOOL SAR File


We have to change the ownership of SUM Folder from root to <sidadm>

Use following Command:

chown <SID>adm:sapsys -r <SUM>

Extract the SUM tool with <sidadm> as shown below

Give Full permission to folder SUM
> chmod -R 777 SUM

In order to start the SUM tool in Linux, we need to run below command (it will restart SAP Host Agent)

Login with root user and execute the below command it will configure the host agent

<Path Of SUM Folder>/SUMSTART confighostagent <SID>

For java stack we have different URL for SUM tool


If you have extracted SUM tool with <sidadm> then we have to login with <sidadm> user itself, otherwise it will not allow to login with root user.

Click Next


Provide username <sidadm> and password

Click Next


Select option ->Manually Prepared Directory because here we are just updating patch of single component , provide the path of the patch file

Click Next


Download the file from URL

Place it in particular path and provide the path of the file crlbag.p7s

Click Next


Provide Administrator user credentials and click Next


Here we are updating patch level of component  ENGINEAPI from 12 to 16

Click Next


Apply the maintenance certificate license and click next


Click Next ,it will begin the downtime of the system, make sure you have proper maintenance downtime window of atleast 30 mins.


It is starting the java application


We also have other option to deploy java patches using Telnet but it is always good a practice  to follow SAP Standard tools for standard procedures.


1641062 - Single component update and patch scenarios in SUM



Thank You for reading.





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