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This blog briefs on updating SAP IDM 8.0 support pack using SWPM and only intended to provide a overview on how upgrade works with SWPM.

For more details you can always refer -

Managing SAP IDM is bit different to that of other standard SAP Net Weaver products as it consists of

  • IDM Core (IDM Database)

  • IDM Runtime (Dispatcher Instances)

  • AS Java (IDM add-ons like IDMUI, IDM Dev Studio Service, IDM Rest Interface, IDM UI for HTML 5, etc and will be deployed as per requirement on AS Java)

Before you start

  • Make sure all packages are checked-in, export all the custom and standard packages using eclipse studio.


  • Export Identity store schema as a safe step.

  • Backup IDM DB (in our case it was MXMD_db running on MSSQL)

  • Back AS Java DB (in our case it was IAD on MSSQL)

Upgrade sequence will follow as - IDM Core, IDM Runtime, IDM AS Java components, new package imports and update ecplise studio as required.

  • Updating IDM Core

We had a distributed environment with IDM DB running on one host and RT, AS Java running on another host. Start SWPM on host where SAP IDM Management core components are installed (IDM DB).

Provide the profile directory of IDM SID, in our case it was I8D for IDM and IAD for AS Java Instance.




Review the parameters and proceed to finish core component upgrade

  • Updating Runtime Components

To update runtime components (Dispatcher Instance’s) launch SWPM on respective host.

Review the parameters and upgrade RT.


  • Upgrade IDM components which were deployed on AS Java system



Review the parameters and complete the upgrade


  • Import new packages to standard sap packages

Uncar ICCORE*.SAR file to have all below directories and required packages can be found inside – Configuration Packages

Note to always import “” as first package. Then continue to import all other packages like ABAP, HANA etc connector packages and make sure there are no broken links.


Its Done !! Now IDM stack is running with updated components and its always essential to keep our landscapes in par with the product releases to maintain robustness of landscape and experience the new functionalities that SAP ships in.

PS: Any valuable inputs or recommendations can be helpful to everyone of us and I kindly request you to share your feedback and your experiences for the same and you can always reach me to discuss more on the same.


Kind Regards,


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