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We had a requirement to upgrade SAP_HR and EA-HR components ONLY on our ECC EHP7 systems.

So as a first step I was looking for the steps to be followed for generating the correct XML file with those components only.Because my target was to generate stack XML file for installing additional technical usage to an ERP system (already installed with EHP) without updating the EHP SP stack level.

SAP Note# 2160689 - MOPZ: Install additional technical usage without updating EHP SP stack level was the one that I followed.

Solution Manager Details:-

I have SAP SOlution manager 7.1 SPS 11.But If you have  SAP Solution Manager 7.1 as of SPS05 with note 1940845 implemented then you can follow below steps to generate the XML file.


Please follow the steps below to run MOPZ transaction in order to upgrade EA-HR & SAP-HR without updating EHP SP stack level.

1) Run MOPZ transaction



2)  Select the Change Option "Support Package Stacks"



3)  Select the currently installed SP stack level and Select "Technical Usage": "Human Capital Management"


4) Avoid Selecting any component in "Choose Add-on Products" Step.

5) No need to select anything in "OS/DB-Dependent Files" Step unless you want to upgrade your kernel.

6) Select latest SPAM version available.No need to select anything for Add-on Products.


7) Select the desired level and patches for SAP-HR & EA-HR in "Stack-Dependent Files".



😎 Some mandatory files were deselected, please select them to ensure the consistency of generated configuration file.


9) XML File is generated now.


Once you have the XML file ready download the components and use SUM to upgrade the packages.One more important point here is that all Sub components of SAP_HR &  EA_HR will get upgraded automatically with these.No need to upgrade them separately.


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