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Hi all,

       In this document I am sharing ideas based on the project I worked.The levels vary according to the complexities of involved Reports.

       There might be certain other levels of work involved as well.

                                        There would be various links for various environments like :- Production,Developments,QA etc.We need to test the existing set of Deski reports and change it to the formats of Webi-4.0 or 4.1 either Manually or by using the "Report Conversion Tools" or "Upgrade Management"Tools

We can explore the following things in these kind of projects:-

      1) Functionalities:- Breaks,Sections,Filters(Report level & Query Levels),Ranking,Sort,Formulaes and Variables,Input Controls,Hyperlinks.

      2)Various Predefined and Customized Independent cells(eg. Page No ,Refresh Date).

      3)Various Prompts,Ordering of Prompts

      4)Combined Queries and Subqueries ,Alerters.


      5)Scheduling of reports.

      6)Various types of Errors:- #MUTIVALUE ,#DIV,#DATASYNC,#CONTEXT,#RANK,#TOREFRESH,#ERROR etc.

      7) Reports involving Macros.

      😎 Reports involving Complex Charts,Vertical/Horizontal tables,Crosstabs.

      The main task is to convert the reports into the upgraded version of the reporting tool,Fixing the data mismatch errors present in the webi report as    compared to deski,Fixing the Report format errors present the pdf formats(Webi 4.1 in this case).

Accordingly we need to test the reports,then Fix the reports followed by uploading everything to the production  environment.

General steps for testing(This is w.r.t our project,which may vary from project to projects and based on the clients,our project had strict restrictions)


      We followed the following steps for Testing:-



                  No changes(even the slightest) should be made in the Public Folders.

                   Don't save anything in the "Deski reports"(in case if we make small changes for cross checking something in deski-like purging the data).

    1)Save the assigned set of reports to the -'Favorites Folders'.

    2)Open the report in 'Infoview',(Deski Report).Don't make any changes to it.The Deski report should be used only as reference for comparision.

    2)Open the  Webi-Report,refresh it,note the time taken,if takes consumes lot of time then we need to Schedule the reports.

    3)Check the prompts(if present, it will be automatically prompt window will be popped up),its order and compare with the order of prompts in the deski reports(we got to refresh the deski report as well).

    4)Check the display mode of the reports ,whether the report is in "Quick display mode" or 'Page mode" (compare with the corresponding Deski Report).

    5)Now,export the reports (both Deski and Webi) to the Excel and and pdf formats.

    6)Now using the the relevant tool(our case Excel Comparator or Merge tool)compare the excel reports of both Deski and Webi and check for the Data        validation.Check whether there are data mismatches,some errors,date format mismatch etc as directed by the senior developers to you.

    7)After this open the exported PDF reports (both of Deski and Webi) and check for the 'Format Verification'.Here we got to check whether there are any format mismatch as compared to Deski ( or do follow the steps as directed by Senior developers).

    8)Finally Open both the Deski and Webi reports , Purge the table data in both ,check for the Format mismatch or the Errors(if present).

  NOTE:- Please mention/update the facts,conclusions of each steps above in the "Excel Tracker"(used by team) along with.


           Basically,there would be very rare scope of developing the reports,The senior developers will resolve various kind errors involved(#errors) ,various macros related issues various formulas modification according to Webi standards,fixing the errors occured during purging of data etc.However there might be certain cases where the reports need to developed from the scratch(like reports involving macros,data is not properly populated in cases where reports are coming from multiple universes and different data sources etc).

              For Report fixing the steps varies across reports.For more information we could have a look over the following website:



             For Errors:


Till then Happy Learning..................


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