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Hi All,

There are many scenarios where the workitem is triggered but ended up either with wrong group/person.

Instead of deleting the workitem, what if we could just refresh the position so that the workitem will be reflecting with correct agents?

In Order to achieve this, Ex.agent determination done by using Responsibility Rule ( T-code : OOCU_RESP ).

Example: we have agents A, B, C assigned for a responsibility in a particular rule.

Now suppose workflow is triggered and workitem is sent to agents intended in the responsibility of the rule.

Example: So workitem is sent to agents A,B,C.

In case the agents assigned in the rule was wrong/more agents were required to be added.

Example, we were not supposed to assign agents A,B,C in the responsibility instead we wanted X,Y,Z.

In these scenarios we can update/refresh the agent determination.


  1. Determine the dialog workitem sent to user inbox.
  2. Use Transaction Code SWI1_RULE (Used to execute agent rules for Workitem) with the dialog workitem.
  3. Select the rows of the input workitem which requires update/refresh in agent determination and click on 4th Icon in the toolbar as shown below,Once you execute agent rules, agents will be re-determined.

Hope it might be useful for some :smile:

Best Regards,


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