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Recently ran into this issue that might be of your interests when configuring an alerting (monitoring) object in Solution Documentation (tcode soldoc).


So the following steps are done to configure an monitoring (for example for system update errors):

  1. log in and open the solution documentation (transaction soldoc when starting from the SAP GUI)

  2. go the the operations branch and your productive systems

  3. navigate to any process step (that has an transaction assigned)

  4. right click and add new object for operations (monitoring)

  5. select the type of montoring object and then the actual monitoring you want.

These monitoring templates at step 5 are (constantly) updated with the so called Online Collector Framework (see SAP Blog).

Basically when setting up you monitoring for the first time you should maintain the update frequency with transaction code ST13. If set automatically, new or modified monitoring templates become availble in the configuration screen.

Having the Online Collector Framework to update the monitoring templates is one step. You still have to load them explicitly before you actually see the difference. To do so, in step 5, click on the root. You'll see the 'load' button appear. Click on it so the list updates. See also note 2422993.


A few screenshots:

situation before:


Load option (after running ST13):

Situation afterwards: updated objects

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