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Since Release 2.3, I used to Leverage Ceph as persistent storage for SAP Data Hub. At the time, this had been based on the Mimic release, which has been archived mid-2020.

It did its job and even came with an at the time read only Dashboard already.

Intermittently, I leveraged Longhorn to Install Gardener on Rancher Update 2022.

However, lately I checked on Ceph again, and found significant improvements. The installation on Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS could not be easier.
sudo apt install ntp
sudo systemctl enable ntp
sudo systemctl start ntp
sudo apt install -y cephadm
sudo cephadm bootstrap --mon-ip {mon-ip}

The Dashboard is interactive now.

For example, to Create Hosts.

Or Primary devices.

What is not actionable via the Dashboard can be accessed through the Ceph CLI.
sudo cephadm shell
ceph fs volume create cephfs
rbd pool init

To get the same Pools as before.

Ceph has come a long way since I used it first and depending on the use case it is still my preferred open-source software-defined storage platform.
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