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As lately several people have asked when I will update my eBook on SAP Design Studio I thought I will just leave a short notice to everyone that I am planning to update the eBook for the release 1.5 of SAP Design Studio.

Release 1.5 is away only a few months, so there is no point in updating the book now for release 1.4 and then update it again for release 1.5 again as it does take a few weeks to update something like a complete book.

In the new release I will also include all the new topics such as Global scripting, online composition, enhanced bookmarking, ... and so on.

I will also include a chapter on SAP Design Studio with SAP HANA and most important, I am planning to include actual videos into the eBook (offline videos) so that are able to follow along in the video as well.

and as I am now with Visual BI, the book will also include a chapter on how you can use our Visual BI Design Studio Extensions.


- Yes the update is planned for the release 1.5

- No you don't have to pay extra for the update if you own the book already

- No I am not planning to increase the price.

I hope that clarifies it and you are all looking forward to the book.

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