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Unfortunately the ABAP Platform, Developer Edition for Docker is currently not available for installation. But for everyone who still uses it I will quickly describe how you can update the ABAP and HANA License. The blog post by andre.fischer on How to install a new license in your SAP ABAP Platform Developer Edition isn't helping anymore as the license that you can download from expired on 11th August 2022.

For me this resulted in the error message:
SQL=437 P3=SQL message: only commands for license handling are allowed in current state

Luckily I got help from marcbernardtools in the abapGit Slack. Here are the steps I did:

Most of the information you need is provided during startup of the container. There you will see the following:
Retrieving HDB license information
HDB Hardware Key : B1002322283
HDB Expiration Date: 2022-09-07 23:59:59
Days to expire : 26
Updating HDB license: found the file /opt/sap/HDB_license
Removing the current HANA License
0 rows affected (overall time 18.948 msec; server time 17.791 msec)
0 rows affected (overall time 50.497 msec; server time 49.373 msec)
Installing the license from the file /opt/sap/HDB_license
Welcome to the SAP HANA Database interactive terminal.

Type: \h for help with commands
\q to quit
* 437: only commands for license handling are allowed in current state SQLSTATE: HY000
0 rows affected (overall time 427.658 msec; server time 424.146 msec)
hdb_license_update: started, pid=1585
asabap_license_update: starting
Retrieving AS ABAP license information
SAP License Key Administration - Copyright (C) 2003 - 2016 SAP AG
System ID. . . . : A4H
Hardware Key . . : J1851296352 (of this computer)
Installation No. : DEMOSYSTEM
System No. . . . : 000000000800588472
Release. . . . . : 777
Software products: NetWeaver_HDB
AS ABAP license can be automatically renewed from the file /opt/sap/ASABAP_license
Hint: new container : docker run ... -v <local file path>:/opt/sap/ASABAP_license
Hint: existing container: docker cp <local file path> <container name>:/opt/sap/ASABAP_license

That's most of the information you need to renew your license. You can get a new license for ABAP and HANA at for ABAP choose A4H - SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.4 and above (Linux / SAP HANA) and for HANA use HDB - SAP HANA Platform Edition (64GB).

Before you can use the downloaded license files you need to replace the SYSTEM-NR with the corresponding number that was displayed during startup. Then copy the files as described, stop and start the container.
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