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UNV to UNX universe conversion The UNV to UNX universe conversion process steps are listed below

1. Log on to the Information design tool

2. Create new projects for universe conversion from unv to unx

3. Select the option called “convert  .unv  universe” in the file Menu

4. Import unv universe from the repository 

5. Select the universe to convert into unx

6. Select the destination repository folder and destination local project details

7. Click on OK to start the convertion

8. create  the  universe connection and export the connection to repostiory  (to convert into the secured connection )  and repoint  secured connection into the unx universe.               

                    9.  Publish the universe connection to rep Change the universe connection to published secured universe connection   


              10. Save the changes into the local project and export the universe into the repository

11. Create the sample report and verify the  Unx  universe.

12. Verified  the universe prompt filter  by generating  the sample reports

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