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Discover the power of SAP's Business Technology Platform—an integrated solution designed to revolutionize business automation. From streamlined application development to cutting-edge AI innovations and robust data analytics, SAP offers a comprehensive suite of tools to propel your business forward. Explore how this platform can transform your operations and drive growth.


Despite SAP BTP's robust user experience for managing platform services and technical aspects, the true success of business automation hinges on active participation from the company's business staff. While SAP is making strides in providing no-code and low-code interfaces for interacting with BTP services, the full potential of AI automation relies on a comprehensive suite of applications. These applications must enable AI model design, seamless integration with backend systems and communication channels, as well as effective content management—all accessible through intuitive, no-code interfaces.


Introducing Skybuffer AI, an SAP Build Partner-developed application within the SAP Business Technology Platform. Skybuffer AI seamlessly integrates key SAP AI services and innovations, empowering users to effortlessly design, configure, deploy, train, and connect AI models to backend systems and communication channels through intuitive UI5 applications.

Having successfully completed the pilot phase, Skybuffer AI is now being utilized as a B2E and B2C AI automation solution by numerous global companies, leveraging their SAP BTP subscriptions to drive productivity and innovation.


As we continue our journey that began in 2018 with SAP Conversational AI, we have significantly evolved the Skybuffer AI solution. Now, we deploy it exclusively on SAP BTP services, eliminating the need for external servers and complex management blocks.

Deploying Skybuffer AI on a customer's SAP BTP account is seamless, offering a straightforward process for designing AI models. These models cover a range of scenarios, including Conversational AI, Generative AI, and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), providing comprehensive solutions for diverse business needs.


Pic. 1 Skybuffer AI Architecture Diagram


In conclusion, Skybuffer AI on SAP BTP stands as a SAP Partner Build solution that streamlines customer onboarding for SAP BTP services adoption. By involving business employees in the AI model design process through intuitive UI5 applications, Skybuffer AI facilitates seamless integration. This allows for both technical access to ML models hosted on SAP AI Core and control via the SAP AI Launchpad.

In our upcoming posts, we'll delve deeper into the Skybuffer AI launchpad, AI model designer, connectivity, and other UI5 applications. These components collectively enhance the SAP BTP adoption journey, offering users a superior experience with SAP BTP services.

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