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Activate Emergency User on SAP AS Java

Start Config Tool --> Path is as below


Switch to configuration editor mode.

You will find below screen, choose cluster_config ® system ® custom_global ® cfg ® services ® ® Propertysheet properties.

After reaching to this place, click on Change Button --> It will give you warning,

--> Please make sure you have stopped your SAP Application.

Once you press “Yes” Button. You will find below screen where you can see that “ume.superadmin.Activated” field is deactivated means False.

Double click on “ume.superadmin.Activated and replace Custom Value with “TRUE

Also double click “ume.superadmin.password” and replace Custom Value with your desired password.

>> Start SAP Application.

>> Log on to NWA (with user name SAP* and password you created) and change the password for ADMINISTRATOR user.

--> Point to be Noted :

If you will try to log on with ADMINISTRATOR immediately after changing password, it will not allow until you deactivate the super admin parameter.

--> Stop SAP Application.

--> Revert back the changes as you have done before.

--> Start SAP Application and try login with ADMINISTRATOR user with your created password

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