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Here Unix/Linux commands are listed for the software components which are relevant for both the fresh Install and upgrade of Data Services

  • Operating System Version, this becomes crucial when you are planning to upgrade the Data Services.

  • Database Version, this becomes relevant when you are planning to upgrade the Data Services

  • IPS Version, this also becomes critical when you are planning to upgrade want to know the information at patch level

  • Data Services Version, which can be check at multiple places to get the correct list of versions for all the components like Local Repository Version,
    Job server Version, Designer Version

I will add more information to this blog, however as of now I am putting the below commands which may be useful to you if you are new to the world of

Linux/Data Services Administration.

Installation directories may be different for your environement, However Here idea is to share the commands to get the version of the installed software

which affects Data Services Installation and Upgrade.

Operating System Version

Command: - more /etc/*-release

Database DB2 Version

Command :- /usr/local/bin/db2ls

Data Services Version

paht for Navigation :- cd $LINK_DIR/bin

Command: - ./al_jobserver -v

This will give you the Job server version. To get the complete version list you may use GUI based Data Services development tool which is Data Services Designer.  Menu >> Help

There is command to get the repository version using repoman utility from the command line in LInux as well

repoman -U<username/Schemaname> –P<password> -S<databaseServerHostName> -s -N<Database_DB2_Oracle_Etc)> -Q<DatabaseName> -p<Port_on_which_database_is_installed> -V<Database version> -tlocal –v

IPS Version (Information Platform Services)

Path for Navigation :- /usr/sap/<SID>/businessobjects/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/linux_x64

Command: - strings boe_cmsd | grep BOBJVERSION

More detailed version specific related information is discussed in below blog

Data Services on Linux - Version check of Data Services Components

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