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Yesterday I was in a potential SAP customer meeting with sales team. CIO of the customer was rough person, and very much direct in-terms of addressing questions regarding SAP HANA. Thanks God, he raised the same question in a different way, that applebyj faced couple of days ago.

He asked me "please tell me why should I select HANA instead of Oracle Exadata. I did not go in detail with the comparison. Immediately I remembered the applebyj's latest posting The future of SAP Business Applications and opened it. We all read the article with them including the valuable comments made by the colleagues of the community.

I have cleared his mind easily and without leaving any doubts.

Sap started a new era and started digital transformation, released HANA, Fiori, cloud offerings. This means each and everyday we will face many challenges, will face many questions and we need to win many battles in the market. Good thing is we are not alone. People like John, if we share the experiences that we faced, this is very much helpful for the others.

So please do not keep these valuable information for yourself only. If we united, sure we'll stand.


Sarhan, @beyanet_tr

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