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Hi Everyone,

In this blog I am going to explain you about how licensing of Near Line storage (NLS)/ cold storage is done. With Moving on to HANA Database there is increase in use of cold storage among various customers. In this blog i will be explaining the licensing part of SAP IQ database. how it can be applied.


Installation of NLS and configuration with HANA application is explained in detail in below mentioned link


For NLS we require we need 4 components to be activated and licensed in SAP IQ database






License for all this components are required to be generated from service market place.

This License can we generated based on Item description. Please check below table for more detail


Apart from this we have to choose License type according to system in which we are applying


for example :

CP : CPU License  == Production Environment

DT : Development and Testing == Development or QA environment


Here is our case we have installed Sybase IQ EE (Enterprise Edition) with License Type DT (Development and Testing)

Hence we require license for all four components (IQ_CORE , IQ_VLDBMGMT , IQ_LOB , IQ_UDA) in license type DT



We have to generate this license first so click on generate





here you have to insert Host ID. It can be found on the link provided on this screen.

As our host was linux we got host ID by command :  /sbin/ifconfig eth0

on completing this step we will get out license and we can download it from the service market place



This way we have to generate all 3 license (IQ_CORE , IQ_VLDBMGMT , IQ_UDA) (Note : IQ_LOB is runtime license and can be activated using command mentioned below)

Once all 3 license are downloaded we have to place this license files in $sybase/SYSAM02-2/license/ and restart IQ server.

It will read the license file from there and it can be seen from .msg log file of SAP IQ


After this license is applied we have to activate all the components in SAP IQ

If you installed SAP IQ 16 sp08 and above or higher, please notice that the way of activating the correct license key has changed. After the license is installed, you have to activate the IQ_VLDBMGMT option as follows:

sp_iqlmconfig 'allow', 'ALL';
sp_iqlmconfig 'allow', 'IQ_VLDBMGMT' , '<number>' ;

The Very Large Database Management Option (IQ_VLDBMGMT) lets you logically partition very large data sets into smaller subsets.

The IQ_UDA option can be activated by the creation of a the TEXT indexes and the Text Configuration Object.

CREATE TABLE dbo. udatest (U1 integer NOT NULL, U2 long varchar NULL, PRIMARY KEY(U1)) <-- IQ_LOB is enabled
CREATE TEXT INDEX udaidx ON dbo. udatest(U2) CONFIGURATION default_char; <-- IQ_UDA is enabled


upon running above steps you can check activate component information using below command



I hope this information will help to you to generate and apply license for SAP IQ for using it as an cold storage/ near line storage.


Below is few reference SAP Notes which can be helpful here.  (Requisite IQ licenses for SAP-NLS solution - SAP BW with SAP IQ Nearline-Storage) (Authorization Required to attempt checkout IQ_LOB License) (How to enable a IQ_UDA license - SAP IQ)



Bhargav Bhatt
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