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After reading this blog reader would have a clear idea why SAP recommends Fiori, what is UI5 and what are the benefits of UI5 and Fiori over earlier methods.

Before we jump to UI5, let us first discuss what is UI and how does it differ from UX.

UI (User Interface) : User Interface (UI) is anything a user may interact with to use a digital product or service.

User experience, or UX, is a result of the improvements to UI. Here we consolidate users experience, whether positive, negative, or neutral and do the changes in UI to make it more user friendly.

The most common example around us is, why vertical scroll bar in our desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile is on right hand side, this is because of the fact majority of population is right handed and hence it improves the user experience.

We make use of our thumb to do the same in cellphone, just imagine same being on left hand side, how difficult it would be (obviously if you are right handed).


SAP UI5 is a framework, a framework is a collection of libraries, library is a collection of classes, class is a collection of methods/functions, attributes,events.

This framework helps to develop responsive web applications. We can develop the app once, deploy it on any platform, use on any device. The main advantage of SAP UI5 over its predecessors (bsp, webdynpro) is, it is based on open standards.

So, basically when we say UI5 framework, we're actually using predefined library functions/attributes/events and directly using them in developing the application. which is called UI5 application.

And this process of loading framework is nothing but called Bootstrapping. 

We can understand it like Include program, we just write include statement in our report program and we are good to use all the functionalities available inside that. In similar pattern we write here in below pattern.
src= ""

If we hit the following URL it will take us to the respective page, where all declaration/definition is written, that we directly use while our development.

Fiori :

When SAP come up with UI5, developers start building application with their own way as it is based on open standards, although apllication builds to perform a certain business transaction, but the build/architect/flow was different, everytime a new developers come, he has to understand the way it was developed by previous developer.

So SAP come up with certain guidelines, to maintain coeherency among all the applications, so that it can be more standardize.

Thats why we say, SAP UI5 is a framework to build Fiori application, and Fiori is set of guidelines.

SAP Fiori is more about user experience, which is nothing but a set of guidelines, if we follow these guidelines, our app will look beautiful and also having a better user experience.

Design Principles :


Technology Supported : 


Architecture :



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