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This blog series covers my understanding of the SAP BW/4HANA Concepts, and will be a multi-part blog, as I learn, understand and implement it.

BW (Business Warehouse), is an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Below are some of the common terminologies / objects used in SAP BW


  • is like a folder used to group logically related objects for a particular business area or process

  • Infoarea contains infobject catalogs, Infocubes, infoproviders

  • Infoobject is contained in a infoobject catalog, which is contained within an infoarea

Infoobject Catalogs,

  • Infoobject catalogs are a collection of infobjects, grouped according to application-specific criteria

  • Infoobject catalog are of two types, Characteristic Infoobject Catalog and Keyfigures Infoobject catalog

  • Infoobject catalogs are stored in a Infoarea

  • One Infoobject can be part of more than one Infoobject catalog


  • In BIBW, business evaluation objects are called as Infoobjects

  • Infoobjects are of two types, Characteristics and Keyfigures

  • Characteristics like Customer, Geography etc.

  • Keyfigures like Sales Amount, Revenue, Profit

  • Units currency, minute, hour, seconds, kgs

  • Time characteristics like fiscal year, month, date and

  • Technical characteristics like request number

  • Infoobjects are smallest information unit in BI BW

  • Infoobjects are the building blocks of the larger dataset

  • Info Objects with attributes or texts can be either a pure data target or an Info Provider (if it is being reported).

Application Components

  • Application components are used to organize the data sources

  • They are similar to infoareas

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