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If you want to do a migration of SAP PI/PO or upgrade one of the first tasks is to figure out what objects was used. It is a process that involved a lot of data mining and Excel reporting and it is often pretty difficult to perform. Now we are offering it as a free service in the Figaf IRT application.

For migration projects, I have been recommending people to get an understanding of their scenarios. That included understanding which of the mappings was used in any scenarios and how often.
We also had clients wanting to do a migration of their Seeburger Mappings to B2B Add therefore needed to understand how many mapping they were using that used the Seeburger Mappings. It can take some time to figure this out normally. But it thought it would be better to automate it.

We already had a lot of the information available In the Figaf IRT application, because we have linked Iflows to ICOS and all the way do to message mappings. Then we just needed runtime information we could get it from the message monitor.

We could unfortunately not find an API for it, so we could to it with some web scraping of the WebDynproJava. (We have done more it in the IRT application to read the payload of the message monitor for messages before it was exposed as an web service). So, for now, it will work with just and Export of the file, save it as Excel and then upload it to the Figaf IRT tool.

You will need to open it in Excel and save as xlsx file because it is easier to parse with our current tools.
Then you just upload it in the IRT tool.

The report looks like the following  (Download sample).

You have all Operation Mappings used, and what types of object they are using.
You also have a list of all used message mappings, and in which Operation Mappings they are used in. How many times the mappings have been used.
For message mappings, you have a list of which Operation mappings they are used in. If they are Using any Seeburger mappings.

In the next release, we should also be able to show what are the Java and ABAP mappings together with XSLT you are using.

Just install the Figaf IRT application from

You can view our demo of the application

You will ask why we are offering this service for free? We could charge for it and provide it as a service you can buy. I do that more people will try it out, and since it requires an installation of the Figaf IRT tool, then you can easily see what kind of information it has and how fast you can set up test cases.
If could provide you with more exact data if you want to do a Seeburger to SAP B2B Add-on, so you can asses how many mappings you want to migrate using the Figaf Seeburger Migration Tool, that automates that process of updating the mappings.
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