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Welcome back to this series of posts diving “under the covers” with the NetWeaver Business Client. If you haven’t already done so please go back and take a look at the previous one.

In this next instalment we will continue to look into common problems and how to diagnose and fix them, in this case we are going to look at how the NWBC user menu is determined. Our hero Bob ("the support dude with attitude") has received a call from a user who thinks he should be seeing more entries in his NWBC menu because he has seen that his colleague Alice has more entries than he has.

How will Bob work out what’s going on?

Which of his tools will he apply to solve this problem?

Let’s find out...

#2 - Missing Menus

Key Learnings

I really hope you are enjoying this series, please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts. We still have 3 more problems for intrepid Bob to solve so keep an eye out for the next one Under the Covers with NWBC #3 - Broken Navigation.

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