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Why this blog?

In the past, I encountered a problem to undeploy certain components from my SAP PI system.
Using the JSPM, this was not feasible and therefore, I used the NWDS.

This short blog contains all the relevant details to do the undeployment.

Scope and context

First step is to start up the NWDS and make sure it is connected to you SAP PI system

Use the Window menu --> preferences. Go to SAP AS Java and make sure the parameters are filled in correctly.

In the bottom left corner, there is an icon to switch to views fast:

Type in Undeploy and you will find the Undeploy View. Once all the deployed components are received from the server, a complete list will appear on the left hand side of the screen.

Right-click on the component you want to undeploy and choose Add to Undeploy List.

Questions or remarks?

If you have a (technical) question, feel free to send me an e-mail on or post your thought or question.

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