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Transport requests are available to transport the developed objects/Configurations from one system to another system. We develop the objects first in Development system and later move it to Quality and Production systems. 

There are two types of transport requests:

1.       Workbench Transport Request 

2.       Customizing Transport Request

Workbench Request: 

Workbench request records client independent objects like reports, Functions, tables. Client independent objects are available across the system irrespective of client. 

Customizing Request:  

Customizing request records client dependent objects like table entries, SPRO configurations. Client dependent objects are only available to particular client.  

SE01, SE09 and SE10 are the transaction codes for SAP Transport Management system.


Now you have collected your elements in your Workbench transport request. And released the TR. But later while cross checking you got to know that some of the elements are not being collected. Then what should be done in that case? Instead of collecting the elements in a new TR, won’t it be better to un- release the old TR and re-collect in it.

Here the procedure goes:

Step 1: Go to table –E070.

Step2 :  Give your TR no in “Request/Task” field.

Press Execute.

Step 3. Here 1 entry is found for this particular TR no.

Step 4: Press on display button.

We need to change status field – R(Released) to D(Modifiable).

Which cannot be achieved as it is in display mode. To change it to edit mode follow below steps.

Step 5 : Enter /h and press enter twice in the command line to go coding in debug mode.

Step 6 : Scroll down in the code until you reach the code = ’SHOW’ line

Double-click code in the program code

This will add variable CODE into the right pane of your debug window

Step 7: Click on the pencil to the right to change the value of Variable CODE

Change the value into EDIT and press the enter key

Press F8 once done.

Step 8 : Now the status field is ready to change.

Change the Status to D.

End-result my transport request is modifiable again.

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