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Hello SAP,

Thank you for organizing a developer session on UI5 and making it available for free for the developers.

The conference was on July 4th at SAP Labs, Bangalore, India.

The first session which I could attend was UI5Lab for custom controls. Custom controls has been this nice feature, which few use or explore. Always the fear to move away from SAP Standard offerings has restricted the developer community from going more open.

The initiative, relatively young and restricted to small group has a good purpose and usage for custom UI developments. Avoid re-invention and reuse the offerings is a nice to have feature.

The presenters 069752 and nandan.chaturvedi did encourage the participation of externals. Hopefully, it evolves into a broader open community initiative which allows more than controls to be shared and administered by an group of mentors.

The Open Booths on Fiori Elements highlighted the focus of SAP towards FIori Elements based UI Adaptation and development.

The session on UI5 Map Control again seemed to indicated the emphasis of the SAP towards more Controls offered by the library.

The session of Mobx enlightened to non-open source developers(like me) to the availability of models other than JSON.

However, the cream of the cake was the session on Web Components by stefan.beck and peter.muessig . Web components really frees developers especially the ones who have trouble writing custom CSS targeting the native HTML tags. It seems to be a good approach to allow more usage of HTML natives and also for non-SAPUI5 developers.

It was personally exciting to spend time discussion in person with stefan.beck and after a 10 minute conversation I felt that developers will always find time to have technical discussions.

Look forward to more such sessions from SAP.

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