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What is UI5con?

UI5con is open community event organized by the SAP Community to share, learn and connect. Everyone from the SAP Community and beyond can share his knowledge and experience about UI5 at this event to other community members. This event was born in 2016 in Frankfurt and since that time, several UI5con’s are organized every year!  You can find a full overview on this page:

Why UI5con in Belgium?

I think we all noticed that this event is very popular. This also means that it’s sold-out in minutes! Unfortunately, many of our colleagues in Belgium from SAP Partners and customers didn’t have the chance to go to the last UI5con and for those people, we wanted to organize an additional one in Belgium!


February 14th ,2020 on Valentine!


UI5con is a community event and should be a free event! Therefore, we’re working together with SAP Belgium. They have the perfect space for this event!

SAP Office Belgium

Olympiadenlaan 2, 1140 Evere

Will there still be a UI5con in Walldorf?

UI5con in Belgium has nothing to do with the one in Walldorf. We just want to give the opportunity to all the community members that missed the one in Walldorf to learn about UI5. Will there be one in Walldorf in 2020? I don’t know… I hope so ? This is the answer I saw on Twitter from Andreas:

What does it mean “Powered by Flexso Digital”?

After UI5con 2019 in Walldorf Nicolas and I, both working for Flexso Digital, came up with the idea of organizing a UI5con Belgium edition. With the support of Flexso Digital we are leading the organization of this event.

It does not mean that this is a Flexso event. UI5con Belgium is still an SAP community event and Flexso Digital is helping the SAP Community! Of course, we are not doing this alone. We are working closely together with the UI5 team in Walldorf and SAP Belgium. It’s teamwork!

Who is Flexso Digital?

Flexso Digital is a spin-off company from Flexso with a focus on technology. A lot of technology (even in SAP) is built upon communities, therefore Flexso Digital is supporting the SAP Community as much as possible. Flexso Digital is really community minded!

Registration will open soon!

Call for papers is over, and we are now working on the agenda. We will open the registration in December, so be prepared! ?


We already have some great speakers:


See you soon!
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