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Do you have a lot of i18n property files?
Do you want to check if there is a missing translation? Instantly? the brand new SAP Business Application Studio?

Then, this plugin is for you!


This plugin reads every UI5 XML view file and UI5 i18 properties file, cross-checks their usage and shows a nice report in the form of an unsaved file.

In the editor:
View -> Find Command
Alternative: just press F1 or Ctrl+Shift+P

Search for "i18n" and hit enter.

A-ha! This time "Buenos días!" is missing in the Spanish translation:

Let's fix it by adding "goodMorning" key:

Run the command again. And everything is clear now!



Copy this plugin path:

Press F1 or click View->Find Command.

Search for "deploy plugin" and hit enter.

Paste the plugin path and hit enter!

The plugin should be installed in a few seconds. Then you can again search for command "Check i18n Translations" and hit enter.

Comments & Source Code

It's that time of the year when SAP embraces some new open technology and I have to do something to applaud their efforts.

2 years ago in April, I wrote a blog post about SAP Web IDE i18n plugin. It was too tempting to port the solution to SAP Business Application Studio.

Web technologies improve every hour and SAP BAS is based on open platforms like Theia and VS Code. As a result, there were more resources and it was a joy to develop this plugin.

Another difference is Web IDE plugins had to be hosted somewhere else. SAP Business Application Studio gives you an entire dockerized development environment in which you have the capability to do a lot of things and have persistence per Dev Space. This small plugin is installed once per the Dev Space, that is all.

Here is the GitHub repo of the plugin:

Any feedback regarding features or other plugin ideas is welcome. You can use GitHub issues or comments for bug reports.

I can write another blog about the development process. Are you interested?
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