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Previously, I have shared this plugin for WebIDE and for SAP Business Application Studio.

If you use Visual Studio Code as your main editor, now this plugin is also available for you!


This plugin reads every UI5 XML view file and UI5 i18 properties file, cross-checks their usage and shows a nice report in the form of an unsaved file.

In the editor:
View -> Find Command
Alternative: just press F1 or Ctrl+Shift+P

Search for “i18n” and hit enter.

A-ha again! This time "God morgen!" is missing in the Norwegian translation?:

Let’s fix it by adding the key:

Run the command again. And everything is clear now!


You can use this link or search for the extension:

Conclusion & Further Research

rsletta gave me the idea for the VS Code plugin. Since the Theia plugin and VS Code extension mechanisms are very similar it was very easy to port.

In general, you can also use VS Code extensions in SAP Business Application Studio. I will document the installation process in my next post. However, for this extension, you have to deploy the Theia edition to SAP BAS. I plan to write about the reason and my development experience.

The GitHub repo of the plugin is the same:

See you in the next post!
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