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Hello everyone,


In this blog I'll share with you a helpful strategy I came up with along my Fiori development jouney - reutilizing standard i18n texts.



Over the course of a Fiori app development, I was bored of writing some of the most commonly-used labels in the i18n files (like Dialog labels - e.g. "Close", "Confirm"), over and over, app after app.

I thought to myself "How can I overcome this?".
Then I decided to experiment to include an i18n file from the UI5 libraries in the app manifest and try it out.

Guess what - it worked 😊



Basically, all you need to is the following:

  • Utilize the standard i18n model as you would use your default i18n model - for example:

Note: this does work in any type of UI5 development (UI5 freestyle app, SAP Fiori Elements app, SAP Fiori Launchpad plugin, etc).



  • Cleaner/Smaller custom i18n files

  • Less translation effort (since you'll be reutilizing standard texts, all their translations will be also reutilized with no effort)



None 😊



To sum up, by referencing SAP i18n resource bundles, we end up reutilizing existing i18n texts in the UI5 framework, reducing and leading to cleaner Fiori solutions.



Any questions/comments/suggestions?

Feel free to leave them down below.


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Best regards,

Joaquim Perez
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