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Of course there's the WebIDE that provides helpful code completion features when editing UI5 controllers (*.js) or views (*.xml).

Then there's WebStorm, the IDE of choice for many developers - for various reasons: from support of a large tooling ecosystem up to killer editing features (ctrl+G!). But WebStorm is unfortunately (still) lacking native UI5, community to the rescue!

What's missing? Right, UI5 code completion for Controllers/JS-files. Until today 🙂

Here you go: ui5-codecompletion, a node module helping to provide...well...code completion when editing UI5 *.js-files in WebStorm.

In essence, ui5-codecompletion downloads, extracts and plugs UI5 sources into WebStorm's JavaScript Library Scope.

Quick How-To:

  1. Install the npm module: npm install -g ui5-codecompletion

  2. navigate to your UI5 project root dir in a shell: cd ~/your/UI5/project

  3. in the shell, fire away: ui5-codecompletion install

  4. (watch & wait)

  5. do the one-time WebStorm config as described in

  6. Open up $some.controller.js and enjoy ctrl+Space UI5 code completion

UI5 code completion

Now go code faster as never before 🙂

PS: ui5-codecompletion is under the WTFPL, so feel free to port/use however you want.
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