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This document is clearly for the beginners, not for experts...

Types of Infocubes

In BI 7.0 we are having 3 types Infocubes which are mainly used.

The Infocube which is used for Summarized data.  The Infocube which is a Physical Storage Device which is used to store the data.

The Infocube is used for Transactional data only. The Infocubes are used to create Summarized reports

The 3 types of Infocubes are:

  1. Standard Infocube.
  2. Virtual Infoproivder (or) Virtual Infocube.
  3. Real-Time Infocube. 

Standard Infocube:

  • Standard Infocube Stores The Physical Data, Data is Stored in the Standard Infocube. 
  • The Structure of the Standard Infocube is One Fact Table surrounded by the Dimension Tables.

                        Customer Dimension                                                                   Material Dimension


                                                                                 Fact Table

                        Time Dimension                          Unit Dimension                             Data Packet Dimension

Virtual Infoprovider

Virtual Infoprovider doesn't store any physical data at the time of the query execution it receives data directly from the source system.

These are mainly used for data reconciliation during integration testing.

Reconciliation means validating the source system data with BI data.

In you don't have the Sufficient Transaction codes (or) source system reports to perform the data reconciliation during

during integration testing we create virtual infoprovider.

Types of Virtual Infoproviders:

The types of virtual infoproviders are defines based on the data loading mechanisms

  1. Virtual Infoproviders with Direct Access DTP.
  2. Virtual Infoproviders with Function Module.
  3. Virtual Infoproviders with BAPI's(business app programing interface)--which is used for Non-SAP.

Real-Time Infocube

In real-time infocube, we can write the data into the cube, Real-time infocubes are used for planning purposes.

→  For Standard cubes, we can load the data into the cube where as in real-time infocube we can load the data  into the cube and we can write the data into the cube, That means while loading the data into the real-time infocube Planning is not possible. Similarly while writing that data (Planning the data) into the real-time infocube loading is not possible.

How to make the real-time infocube as Load behavior?

Select InfoArea → Right Click → Create Infocube → Select Real-time

     Select Infocube → Right Click → Change Real-time load runner

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