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You can go to to analyze your own tweets as se38 showed me the other day

I was surprised the most of my followers are male (82%).  Top country of followers after the US is India.

I exported the data to Excel for further analysis.  According to Twitter Help Center | Tweet activity dashboard it downloads the last 3,200 tweets.

Because I am lazy, I use the light bulb to provide me with suggested visualizations.

What I noticed today (and hadn't before) is I can select an influencer to visualize.

From the above most of my tweets include a twitter ID (other than my own), a topic (hashtag) next, followed by a URL or person.

SAPtd, the hashtag for SAP TechEd, is the top "tweet" - including hashtags, twitter ID's, and products.

The above shows my top 10 twitter ID's that I interact with - it's no surprise that the SCN twitter account is first.

It also no surprise that SAP is first in the top organization for my tweets.  Most of the topics are SAP-related, except Dunkin Donuts

SAP TechEd was my top hashtag, followed by ASUG and SCN as shown above.

Top product is HANA - second is G+.  I am a little surprised about G+ as I don't use it all that much.


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