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TSMI (The Scheduled Iflows Monitor)

Note: This article is related to my previous post: CPI: Scheduling monitoring

The objective of this iFlow is to be able to present information related to the next scheduled executions of your iFlows. It is executed by a single http endpoint. The default url parameters are:

  • daysAhead: 7 (Default) days of analysis.

  • hourThreshold: Grouping for iflows with more than 6 (Default) executions per hour.

  • mode: Execution mode ("artefacts" = raw information, "ts" = calculated cron expressions, anything else / default = render as web page)

Let's start with the sad part:

limitations and problems

  • I couldn't find a better name for the Iflow. Fortunately this is simple to change. 🙂

  • The web interface is heavy and can get slow due to the amount of records. It is based on TimelineJS, which was intended for journalism or blog articles.

  • TimelineJS won't escalate well if you have several jobs or if they run to often. I'm still looking for ways to reduce the amount of displayed data.

  • Due to the previous point, I grouped those Iflows with many entries (several times per hour). This is parametrizable. (And I'm sure this has to have some bugs)

  • TimeZones. All calculations are done based on the server time. To change this adaptable to a user level, requires another parameter in the URL or some JavaScript to alter the Json at runtime. The second option seems better to me.


  • Option 1: download the iflow from here -> GitHub

  • Option 2 (manual): implements the following script and its Maven dependencies.



Simply open the configurable endpoint in your web browser:



  • Zoom to Timeline

  • Orange color: grouped scheduled executions.

  • Purple color: individual scheduled executions.

  • You can read the description of the cron entry... human readable!

  • Link to the monitor of a specific iFlow

  • It has a favicon and a logo 🙂

Screenshots of Interfaces

  • Web Interface



Grouped scheduled executions

Individual scheduled executions

  • Raw information mode

  • Analyzed information mode


Closing Remarks

I hope this little iflow will help you to monitor using directly or as a reference to create a new one. If you have suggestions, leave them in the comments. Also, code updates and problem bug reports are welcome.




Ariel Bravo Ayala
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