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First, I am using the "Expert Analytics" module of SAP Predictive Analysis 2.0

For those of you familiar with the BEx Query connectivity of SAP Lumira, where you only see the Visualize tab, SAP Predictive Analysis 2.0 allows you to see all tabs with the BEx Query.

First, I installed SAP Predictive on a machine without Lumira.  That is one of the prerequisites.

Next, I select "Download from Business Warehouse"

Once I select the query, I can see all rooms/tabs:

In the Visualize room, I rename some of the key figures/characteristics so they are more user firendly

I can even try out the related visualizations (a nice feature)

I create a (simple) story and now I can share it to SAP Lumira Cloud

Here it is on SAP Lumira Cloud:

Here is how it looks on the cloud, and I can share it as a public link (but I won't here)

Another great part is once it is on SAP Lumira Cloud I can use BusinessObjects Mobile to view it, annotate and write text from my iPad:

More to come.  Note that I haven't really "predicted" anything here yet but I am simply looking at the support for BEx queries.


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