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Recently I have done SFTP based scenarios using SAP CPI trial tenant. I will share here in this blog, how you can set up SFTP server and connect to SFTP using SFTP channel.

I have followed below blog to create my SFTP server on Google Cloud. It worked without any issues.

Once you are done with SFTP server setup, you can start creating your iflow in your CPI tenant. To configure SFTP channel, we need SFTP connection details and user credentials. Of course you have to deploy host key of SFTP in CPI Tenant under known_host keys.

You can get the host key by doing connection test from your tenant. Unfortunately this connection test is not available in trial account.However I have tested this from my company partner tenant. Once connection is successful you can copy the key and deploy.

check this blog for getting host key

If you are using only trial account, then you can copy host file from SFTP server. Host file will be in folder /etc/ssh. You just have to copy the file and create known_host file and deploy in CPI.

you can remove the instance text which comes at the end.


your known_host key should look like this.

Now you can deploy your known_host in CPI under path Operation view ->Manage Security -> Security Material section.

For testing purpose I have created below flow. Sending some payload from content modifier step.



receiver channel config.


Files in SFTP server after deploying flow.


Similarly you can configure and test sender scenario.

Hope this will help you to test SFTP scenarios in CPI on your own like consuming public soap/rest/odata services.

Big thanks to SAP for providing trial CPI access 🙂



2521381 - Configuring SFTP for SAP HCI: Creating "known_hosts" Files

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