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Hello S4 HANA Experts,

Since all of us have started working with S/4 HANA systems usage of Fiori launch pad and Fiori apps has increased in place of SAP GUI transactions .

In the below blog I will be addressing most frequently encountered issues and Tipps to resolve the issues :

Standard Apps and Catalogues do not exist :

When the latest front end server upgrade notes are installed in any FES (Front end Server), some business catalogues might be removed from the Fiori launch pad designer.

To check this, use the transaction /UI2/FLPCM_CUST or the Fiori app FLP content manager: Search to find the App name and that you discovered the Fiori app and business catalogue.

Run the following Transaction /UI2/APPDESC_GET_ALL or Report /UI2/APPDESC_GET_ALL

All back-end and reproducible catalogues for all system aliases are replicated.

Step 1 : Run the test to see whether there are any erroneous business catalogues, as shown below.

Step2 : Perform the Actual run and the missing business catalogs will be replicated

     Once execution recheck Fiori launchpad content manger or refresh Fiori Launchpad and search for the App the apps should be appearing.

Troubleshooting the errors :

Frontend related errors :

In case of the troubleshooting to be done from the frontend side use the Developers tools

  • Use the elements tab, click on the UI element, and then right-click on Inspect to display and bring up the element for CSS troubleshooting.

  • To debug the SAP UI5 application use the source tab as shown in the below screentshot and open the component-preload.js and click on the curly brackets as shown below to get the right format to place a debugging for debugging UI5 content .In case you do not want to debug the compressed app but look for all Views and Controllers use the parameter "sap-ui-debug=true" to URL of your Fiori apps as below


  • To check the Odata calls related errors open the tab network and look for the fitler batch where most of the Odata calls are performed ( In some very rare cases Odata Calls will be non batch )


  • To check the exact entity names and the response use the payload and Response tabs ( In case of the SADL model or Fiori programming model or RAP model we could find the CDS entities that used for the entities.

Backend related troubleshooting:

The backend-related errors could have been caused by either of the two primary problems:

  • OData Services or not active or the Ui5 Application is not active .

  • Follow the below steps to check the backed related errors :

    • Use the transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG for the Odata related errors

    • /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG could be also leverated for the backend errors

  • Use the transaction /UI2/FLPCM_CUST or the Fiori app FLP content manager: Search the app name and check if both the services are active or not ?

  • If not active activate the Ui5 App from the transaction SICF and the Odata service using the transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE

  • If there are any Custom theme related rendering issues for the SAP GUI for HTML based apps use the below WEBGUI URL to get standalone in webgui to understand the redering issues .


Caches: Different types of Cache

Browser Cache

If there is any change in the existing App or new Application is transported from one to other there is always a possibility that the browser cache is not deleted either you do not see the app or see the same version of the application:

In this scenario if you’re using the Chrome browser use the Incognito mode and try to login into Fiori Launch pad

Check the applications in a private window if you're using Edge browser.
If you do not want to open a new browser, you can clear your caches through the browser settings by Deleting the cookies and caches.

Backend and Front End Caches :

  • Execute the transaction /IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP in the event that the CDS annotations/ Odata Metadata have been changed and moved and the cache needs to be cleaned out .

  • Execute the transaction /IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP to perform cache clearing for the ODATA Gateway Model .A star (*) may need to be entered in the Model Identifier field.

Front End Caches :

  • The report /UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE has to be executed every time the content of the SAPUI5 ABAP repository is modified. The execution of the report to update the index is not, automatically triggered in some uncommon circumstances, such as applying a SAP Note, thus we must manually run the report in these cases.

  • you can place * in case this has to be run for all the SAP Ui5 apps


Application related missing Configurations :

Actions like Attachments /Background Report /Workflows/Email Functionalities not triggering.

Check the SPRO Configuration for Fiori Apps if there is Configurations missing : 

Most commonly missing SPRO configurations are related attachments and some user related configurations .These can be found in the as shown below for the standard applications in the Fiori app library .

In the Process Receivables /Manage Collections Emails application when you try to upload/view attachments we get the below error

Similarly for the other technical Fiori applications there could be technical configurations missing as for the below In-App/Key User Extensions based fiori apps Custom Fields , Custom Logic fiori app shows an error "Could not be published" when you try to create new custom field and publish it.It is mandatory to activate the adaption transport organizer S_ATO_SETUP (ATO) additionally there certain configurations to be done for the user to run background jobs

SAP Inbox extension throws an error :

Resource not found for the segment SAP_Origin . Manupilate the server Extension of the Taskprocessing your using in your WEBIDE or BAS to handle the below extension :mo in your service calls at the end of Odata calls in the Manifest.json file in your UI5 extension Projects .


Authorization issues if any field is not showing the data or no data is shown:

SU53 Based authorizations 

If specific buttons have been disabled or the data doesn't appear in many Fiori applications, there might be an authorization problem. Taking advantage of the transaction SU53, this could be evaluated.

Non-traceable SACM based authorization issues

The authorizations are normally controlled using the Data Control Language (DCL) in modern development models, that cannot be traceable using CDS tracing tools or ABAP tracing tools (St12 or ST05).

For this purpose, SAP provided available the SACM transaction, enabling users to execute static checks on the CDS Views:

For example, the Process Receivables application below has a complicated DCL object that is inherited from three separate CDS views at different levels and only displays a restricted number of invoices. Since the problem does not show up in any traces, it wouldn't have been straightforward to determine it without the transaction SACM and a static user check as shown below in the screenshots

Since the user is restricted with the profit center as P* it was not showing the invoices with empty profit center in the Fiori app

Run the Simulator using the CDS entity and the User name who is facing the error :

The screenshot below demonstrates that the user has no access to any profit centers other than P*, while the invoices with empty profit centers are those that were not displayed.

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