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Trouble shooting analytical apps:

  1. Failure –Unable to load groups


Check the transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG if you find any of the below

  • No service found for namespace /UI2/, name INTEROP

  • No service found for namespace /UI2/, name TRANSPORT

  • No service found for namespace /UI2/, name LAUNCHPAD

  • No service found for namespace /UI2/, name PAGE_BUILDER_PERS

  • No service found for namespace /UI2/, name PAGE_BUILDER_CONF

  • No service found for namespace /UI2/, name PAGE_BUILDER_CUST

The smart business required services are not added in the transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE:

Follow the instructions in the notes  and add the services and the metadata cache .

  • Cannot load tile:

Check the app library if the all the Odata services are activated:


Try to activate the service with the CDS view

When you check the/IWFND/ERROR_LOG, if you do find the exact error log then check the below error:

  • No Proper Error logs for Analytical CDS views




SAP suggests :

ABAP Core data Service (CDS) can be used in Analytics. Special CDS views result in either Transient Providers or Transient Queries depending upon their properties. These Transient providers/Transient Queries can be consumed by Business Intelligence(BI) tools like Analysis office, Design Studo, etc. which serve for Analytics. You should always keep in mind the following points before using CDS for Analytics:

  • It is not recommended to start the CDS for Analytics before you have upgraded to Netweaver (NW) Release 750 Support Package(SP) 4 or Netweaver Release 751 Support Package(SP) 2.

  • The preliminary version of CDS for Analytics ie. CDS cube is available as of NW release 740 SP8 but this is not officially released for productive usage.

  • The corrections/enahncements/improvements done in this area cannot be shipped for NW Release lower than (<) 750 SP4 or 751 SP2.

  • There are known incompatibilites in this area for the models created in NW Release lower than (<) 750 SP4 or 751 SP 2 and this could result in lot of manual adjustments when there is a upgrade to NW 7 50 SP4 or 751 SP2


  • Therefore due to the listed points in the above section, it is always recommended to start the ABAP Core data Service (CDS) for Analytics when you have the Netweaver(NW) Release 750 Support Package(SP) 4 or or Netweaver Release 751 Support Package(SP) 2

Only when we upgrade to support package 2-4 it is possible to solve the issues with CDS queries logging.

Further Analysis :

  • Go to the transaction se11--> TDDIR table -->object name: STOD --> *CDS* view then you will get the DDL object name as shown in the below screen shot à find the package from the table

  • Go to the transaction SE80-->Package name --> Data definitions and search for the CDS name obtained above.

  • below screenshot it is evident that the 0Currency info object is missing and we can see the @analytics.query : true (Which means that the BW query is done on the CDS view odata service )


Implement the below note:


The above note will create dummy BW client and some BW info objects, which is required for analytical queries.

 In future you face issues use the below flow chart.


  1.  Not able to add the services in the ODATA even after the BW client installation :

Now try the below possibilities:

  • RSRTS_CDS_QUERY_CHECK : Report to check if the CDS view has no errors and it showed positive result so  only execution of the query is a problem.



Check transaction su53: 0BI_ALL authorization is missing as per the below screen shot .




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