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Currently unlike in WAD ,there is no direct command to trigger a BW Process Chain from Design Studio. But the functionality can be achieved using a Planning Function. This blog explains how the Planning function should be defined and executed in order to trigger a Process Chain from Design Studio.

Step 1: Create a Real time Infocube and include a Characteristic(XZPCCHAIN) and a Keyfigure (AMOUNT). The Keyfigure doesn't have any purpose, but it is just a dummy.The Characteristic is used to hold the technical name of the process chain, which should be triggered from the dashboard.

Step 2: Go to the Transaction code RSINPUT and load the record in to the Real time cube, which we created in the previous step. In this case, the Process Chain ID is Z80_C0XXX_TD_004. I have maintained some dummy value for the Keyfigure 0AMOUNT.

Step 3: Create a Multiprovider(XMX_R01) on top of the Real time Infocube( XCX_R01) and assign both the Characteristic and Keyfigure. Creating a MPRO enables us to create an aggregation level on top of it in the next step.

Step 4 : Create an Aggregation Level (X80AGGRL) on top of the MPRO, and include both the Infoobjects( XZPCHAIN and 0AMOUNT) as part of the Aggregation Level.

Step 5: Create a Filter ( X80FILTR)  on top of Aggregation Level a restrict XZPCCHAIN with Process Chain ID Z80_C0XXX_TD_004.

Step 6: Maintain the Function Module RSPC_API_CHAIN_START in the table RSPLF_DIR, so that it can be called in the FOX formula of the Planning Function.

Step 7: Create a Planning Function X80PLANFU on type FORMULA using the Aggregation Level X80AGGRL. Click on the Parameters tab and define the FOX formula as shown below. The Process Chain, which should be triggered should be passed to the Function Module as shown below.

Step 8: In the Design Studio, execute the Planning Function by clicking a button and it triggers the BW Process Chain. Create a button and define the "On Click Event"  as shown below. The syntax is ( PF_1.execute();).

Step 9 : Execute the Dashboard and click on the button , there will be a message as "Planning Function executed without errors" . If we check in RSPC and  the log view of the PC, we can see the PC being successfully triggered.

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