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This blog is define to trigger the workflow by custom application through Odata services it is a simple workflow with user decision, when a user approve the workflow the record will be created in database table.

To Create an Odata services check my first blog


  1. Goto Tcode SWO1 to create a custom business object

  • Create two events SAVE and EDIT


Add the key fields of the object


Generate the business object



Goto Tcode SWDD and create a workflow.

Define its starting events


Create a container element


Assign the agent

Assign General Task to agent (The one who is triggering will get notification in its own inbox)


Create a user decision





Now Goto Create_entity method and add this FM


Also write this FM in update_entity


Now Create a Method and Add in the Activity

Activate the workflow



By following this blog you can trigger the workflow whenever you create or edit the data from your fiori application.
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