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Very often people look for transport of objects in different environment in HANA Studio. I have created a small document explaining the procedure needs to be followed by the consultant.Hopefully it will help many.

Step1.  Login into both Source and Target System

Step2. Select the Source System

Step3.Do the Schema Mapping (One Time Activity)

               Here in Authoring Schema, Mention the Target System and in Physical Schema, Mention the Source System.


Step4. After defining the schema, go to Export option from File Menu:


Step5. In the Export Options, You will find Delivery Unit, Developer Mode and SAP Support Mode.

For Moving Whole Package you can select Delivery Mode and if you want to move particular   objects, select Developer mode.


Step6. Go to Next and Select the System from where you want to Export the Object i.e. Source System


Step7.Go to Next and Select the Object you want to move and After selecting the object, move it to Right and then select the Target Folder where your Objects will be stored.




Step8. Click on Finish and you will get the Successful message for Export.


Step9.Now Go to Import Option From File Menu:



Step10. Select the Developer mode in SAP HANA Content Tab:


Step11. Go to Next and select the Target System where you want to move your object



Step12. Go to Next and select the folder location where you have stored your object during Export process

(NOTE: Don’t select the Top Folder Name, select a level below of that folder) and select the object:


Step13. Now select Finish and your object is now moved to the Target System.

Finally your objects are moved to next environment. The good thing about object transport in HANA Studio is that you don't need to think too much about the environment .

Happy reading....!!

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