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Hi Friends,

This document deals about how to collect and transport Application Component hierarchy (RSA9) at ECC side.

Application Component hierarchy – provides Tree wise structure which is provides by SAP, where each node holds its own SAP given standard datasources.

RSA5 – Standard SAP business content Datasources

RSA6 – Active Datasources in Source system.

Here to get active datasources in proper hierarchy, we required to activate Application component hierarchy using RSA9.

All the readers who are going through this document might know above details and along with above details I am focusing on How to transport Application component hierarchy to further Quality and Production system.

If you don’t activate or if you don’t transport Application component to further QA system, the application and its further related datasources will assign under UNDESNOTCONNECTED. :!:

In general for first time datasources activation at ECC system, it is mandatory to install Application component hierarchy using Transaction RSA9. Then standard applications and its Business content datasources will assign under proper node.

Let’s see how to collect Application component.

Go to SE03

Select Change Object Directory entries, under Object directory tab.

Assign Object type DSAA and object APCO_MERGED in given areas as shown below.


Here you will find object is collected under Local object ($TMP)

Change and collect into proper Package.

Then transport it to further systems.

Hope this document helps you.

Best Wishes,


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