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At times, the transport of copy import status does not get reflected in ChaRM correctly, and that results in ChaRM thinking there are non-imported transport of copies.  This may create an issue while trying to set ChaRM status to "Successfully Tested", or while trying to decouple a transport request from a ChaRM CR.

In either cases, it is helpful to refresh the systems in ChaRM. The way to do it is as follows:

1. Execute transaction SE38 in Solution Manager system.

2. Execute report /TMWFLOW/REP_REPORTING

3. Click on "Refresh all systems"

This refreshes the data from all managed systems, and helps in getting the correct import status of the transport of copies.

In case the above steps do not resolve the issue, perform the consistency check in ChaRM for the particular project where you are facing the issue. The steps are as follows:

1. Execute transaction /nSOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN in Solution Manager system.

2. Select the project to which the Change Request belongs to.

3. Click on tab "System Landscape" and then "Change Management".

4. Click on "Check" under Change Request management.

The check should return the results from checking the project, and should give you issues in the project, if any. Fix the issues, and then refresh the systems again, as described above.

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