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In OPD UI there is no way with which you can change the transport request hence, in this document I am going to show you a workaround

One option is to use transaction FDT_HELPERS which is explained in the blog post here

In this blog post I am suggesting another way to write your changes related to decision tables to a TR

First, you need to fetch the object id for a decision table which you can get by following the below steps

In OPD transaction, select the object and determination step

Click more> display object version


Expand General section and copy the object id or make a note of it


Execute BRF+ Tcode in SAP gui and switch the user mode to expert (KBA2830979)


Go to workbench and select open object


Search with the object id copied above


From here you can write your changes to a TR by clicking transport

Once you click on transport, a pop up will appear where you can enter your TR number to which you want to write your changes.

Tip- You can use this method instead of OPD (once you find the object id) as this screen offers more features than OPD UI

Bonus Tip- While importing the OPD related changes make sure the OPD screen is not open otherwise the changes wont be copied in the target client


Thank you, Please provide your valuable feedback or do let me know if you have any questions



Siddhant S.


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