1. Set all request for changes and change documents (belonging to the Cycles in which you have DEV system as Development one) in to Final status.

  2. Close all related cycles.

  3. Check table E070L in DEV system -> Record field PROJECT and TRKORR.

If you have not followed this steps, and at the end broke your cycles, then check out my next post, on how to restore Charm Cycles after DEV system refresh.

PRD to QAS copy

Usually after QAS system refresh you would like to import transport requests (which was imported to QAS before and not yet imported to the reference system - PRD) once again. So before system refresh you would need to store this delta. There are several ways how to get it.

Manual delta calculation

If you want to calculate delta of transport requests manually, you need to login to QAS and PRD systems, and just save content of E070 Table (which would contain data about all imported tr`s). Difference between PRD and QAS system, of DEVK* transports, would be our delta.

Delta calculation with ST-OST add-on for Solution Manager

Before using this scenario you need to perform initial configuration of it, according to ST-OST configuration guide.

After you would finish the configuration, you would have a new task list variant for one of your your Cycles. So you would need to create a new Cycle (you don`t need to use it for anything else except System Refresh) with refreshing systems inside. And then select your new task list variant for this Cycle:

Then inside this task list you would need to run the task "Refresh test system" for your QAS system:

and specify that this would be a delta calculation run

from the desired PRD system:

After your ran, you can find delta in the following tables of Solution Manager:



Check calculated delta

If you have calculated Delta with Solution Manager, you can compere your manual delta with automatic one.

Since solution managers delta calculated based on the ChaRM history, stored in the /tmwflow/track_n table, and not based on e070 tables in the managed systems, you can have differences between your deltas. I.e. check if you have transports which are not in the import buffer of the PRD system any more (was manually removed form the import buffer). If you have differences, it has to be manually adjusted after the import queen alignment.

ChaRM specific

If you also use ChaRM please consider following additional steps to be performed in Solution Manager.

LMDB system Deactivation

In SAP Solution Manager t-code LMDB, select tab page “Technical Systems” and insert the QAS SID on the the tab “Extended System ID” :

Deactivate the system status:

Optional: to follow in case you want to use ChaRM Cycles during the refresh

Remove the system (that is going to be refreshed) from the transport routes in transaction STMS of your Domain controller. For example, removing LOL 130 in TMS:

In related solution manager cycle choose More->Redefine Landscape option (to remove QAS from the landscape):

Solution manager will automatically update the task list structure and the contents of the Landscape assignment block:

Post activities

PRD to DEV copy

  1. Clear table CTSPROJECT at database level.

  2. Reset NumberRange of CTS Project ID and Transport request ID: Refer to Note 1674286 to change the value of field PROJECT and TRKORR in table E070L to the recorded value in Step1 of Pre activities.

  3. Change the DEV system ID in Charm Project if needed  -> Create new cycle and task list.