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Environment: SAP BI Platform 4.1 SP 06 Patch 4

This is good for those who don't wish to see 2 universes with same name(Although their extensions might say it clearly) while creating a report and have too many reports on universes in UNV and do not want to migrate all of the UNV to UNX for many reasons

At the same time do not want to effect the access of viewing/refreshing the reports pointing to UNV for the users

  • Log in to CMC
  • Pull in all the UNV into a separate folder
  • Right click on the folder --> User Security --> Select User Group you wish to restrict --> Assign Security --> Advanced --> Add/Remove Rights --> System
  • Select the Denied radio button on Create and Edit Queries Based on Universe
  • Apply --> OK --> OK
  • Now try to create a report logging in with the appropriate User in the User group restricted. You will not see the UNV universe in the list
  • You will be able to open, refresh but not able to edit the existing reports pointing to UNV. This way we restrict the User and will know if this universe is important to be migrated to UNX

Thus saving initial time of not converting all of them and cleaning the unwanted once.

Hope this helps someone!


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