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SAP XI/PI, a well known Integration tool of the SAP family is what I started my IT career with. I was practising different scenarios waiting for the right opportunity to jump in. Seven months ago I was asked if I would be interested to work on a POC (Proof of concept) involving SAP AII/OER & PI. Oh yeah that was what I was waiting for & that’s how it all began.

Life took an Interesting turn that day & since then, I’ve been hanging around with SAP PI, SAP AII/OER & SCN. I got to implement end to end scenarios & that I admit was Interesting. One by one I had implemented a bunch of scenarios. Now it’s all done. Just when I was about to celebrate, I was asked to prepare a presentation on my work. Though I had taken the Data Geek challenge then, I had no Idea what SAP Lumira had in store for me.

To my surprise,in order to prepare a really good presentation, all I had to do was to type SXMB_MONI (message monitoring tranaction code) in SAP PI & download all that data in to an Excel file, Import it into Lumira & voila!!

Below are a few samples of how Lumira coloured my presentation.

1.          Message Status between Sender & Receiver Interfaces displayed.

This tree map gives in detail the Interfaces I’ve developed & the messages they’ve processed within the time frame. The colour fades from messages successfully transferred to messages with serious errors. That’s really cool.

2.          Entire business process flow in a few clicks!

This chart here can make my presentation come alive. Mapping the message status, Receiver Component & Receiver Interface against the Sender component alongside a scrollable timeline! A click on any selected colour instance in the scrollable timeline would highlight the messages that were being processed at that instance in any business system along with the message status. Clicking on consecutive colour instances in the timeline would thereby explain the business process flow of any scenario by highlighting the messages in the business systems step by step.

The above charts are custom made to meet my immediate requirement. I bet LUMIRA can do much more than that in real time scenarios if given enough time to play around with.

3. My performance tracker!

This is another interesting chart by LUMIRA I’d like to add. By Framing Date & Messages across Message Status, I was able to track my own performance throughout the POC for example, the time it took me to implement an Interface, the different bottle necks I faced and so on.

Importing this chart into OneNote or a similar software, I was able to label each pitfall with the actual error I faced & also add to it the links/notes I followed to overcome those errors.

So once again the day is saved. Thanks to SAP LUMIRA !

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