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SAP points of contact to ASUG ina.mutschelknaus and thomas.jung gave this webcast last week.

Source: SAP


During this session we will share with our top ten ways that you can do to drive more value from your SAP HANA investments today and in the future. We will also give you the opportunity to interact with us to ask questions and share your thoughts.

1) Free tutorials
2) SHINE interactive content
3) Learning Hub (
4) SAP Community spaces
5) YouTube Live webinars + HANA Academy
6) Innovation Discovery tool
7) Solution Explorer
8) Roadmaps (
9) Data strategy master class
10) Attend free events like CodeJams! (source: SAP)


Source: SAP

Strategy, trial, training and education to get the most out of your investment


Source: SAP

New master class for data strategy - free, online, and helps you plug different pieces for a data strategy

15 short sessions on YouTube

Uses strategies that SAP uses internally

Includes templates

You can go to this link to learn more about data strategy

Source: SAP

Ina finds that many are not aware of the Innovation Discovery - more can be found here

Innovations are available, filter by software, which innovations delivered


Software Trials

Source: SAP

Software trials can be found here

One of the things you are can do as a HANA developer, admin, modeler is try out the software

Learn by doing, to support that, different offerings and approaches

According to Tom, go to site - by products or topics

The HANA page shows 2 options - 1 for cloud deployment, the other for downloadable options

Source: SAP

SAP HANA Express edition - link is here

Offer a free version of SAP HANA that did not have functional limitations; free to run in production for small scale scenario of 32GB

Limitations are more enterprise scenarios - disaster recovery, etc

It is available as hosted in cloud (pay provider fees) or download to your machine

Can be a great personal learning environment

Source: SAP

Fully functional version of SAP HANA

Smaller footprint

Server only version with core HANA version, also server + apps (XS advanced)

Available as Docker or virtual machine image

Source: SAP

Slide shows all capabilities

Boxes greyed out are not available - streaming analytics, Hadoop / Spark integration and High Availability/Disaster Recovery

Source: SAP

Can be used for education, way to jumpstart development on SAP HANA, prepare for upgrades, for new use cases

Source: SAP

Available in SAP Cloud Appliance Library at "CAL" has several images of software

It is the simplest way to get started

Licensing is free but you pay underlying cloud provider

Don't need to download or install

Source: SAP

SAP Store has trials:

Training and Education

Once you have access to the software, how can you learn more?

Source: SAP

Free tutorials are here

Nearly 1K free tutorials at Developer Center

Over 900 are HANA based

Most are designed to be executable on HANA Express

Tutorials are not intended to be deepest level, but help get you started

Tutorials can be completed in 1 hour or less

Source: SAP

Of course there is the SAP Community here

Get stuck, you can ask questions

HANA Express relies on community support

Source: SAP

OpenSAP at

Longer-form courses


Source: SAP

Link to Data Bits & Bites is here

YouTube Live link is here - Tom's group has had live weekly coding sessions, not all on HANA, less formal; designed for audience participation

Source: SAP

Link to SAP HANA Academy here

Contain bite-sized chunks; shows up in Google searches

Usually 5-10 minutes


Other links:

SAP Road maps: link

SAP Learning Hub: link


Source: SAP

SHINE Offerings, a demo model, end to end model

Those from ABAP world will remember SFLIGHT model

Source: SAP

Find more information here


Source: SAP

Customer Engagement Initiative - link is here


Question & Answer

Q: What would be the best option to explore SAP Fiori development for an ABAP developer?
A: For the ABAP developer I'd recommend the tutorials on alongside the Cloud Platform ABAP environment. Its a great way in particular to get started with the new RAP programming model which is also available in the latest release of S/4 on premise. From there, we also have tutorials on the Fiori and UI5 side of the development as well

A: any portal or training software for IBP?
Training is available at for IBP


Source: SAP

I was supposed to remind Ina (but forgot) to mention that HANA turns 10 this year....


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