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SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud was announced earlier this year as a response to the changing enterprise environment, and how companies are using their software solutions for business processes. There is a push to move business processes to the cloud and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a primary means to support that transformation.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a private cloud infrastructure to get on board with SAP HANA solutions and appeals to enterprises that are looking to move to the cloud and want an efficient and innovative solution.

After discussing our offering with many customers, it is apparent that there are three critical reasons why enterprises want to use SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud as their solution. These reasons resonate with most of the enterprise decision-makers that have considered and successfully chosen SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud for their projects, or production SAP HANA environments.

1)      Elasticity. Elasticity is the ability to grow an environment or application without the customer needing to make an additional hardware and infrastructure investment. It is the ability to scale and be flexible without having to take the time for a complete overhaul. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud provides a managed cloud infrastructure that allows our customers to grow their SAP HANA environment without the hassle of purchasing or provisioning additional hardware.

2)     Move expenses from the CAPEX environment to OPEX environment. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud only requires businesses to purchase SAP HANA licenses and not new hardware. Most of our SAP customers capitalize the expenses associated with infrastructure, and that pot of money is known as the CAPEX pot. In today's economic environment, many organizations are looking to minimize capital expenditures, and companies want to use those CAPEX dollars for things other than hardware and software. The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud environment allows enterprises to spend operating money and funds, the OPEX pot. We even see organizations where the procurement departments are incented to see how much funding they can move from CAPEX to OPEX. Customers are really excited about the Cloud because they can move all the hardware, maintenance and other related cost of these systems to that operating expense line item.

3)     Customers want to Innovate. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud allows the SAP team and customers to co-innovate and provide a non-traditional model that delivers a stream of continuous innovation without disruption delivered to the Enterprise Cloud. With the cloud, there is the opportunity of incremental innovation that gets infused into the systems and then to the environment. For SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, we can deliver by giving our customers new innovations within the SAP HANA environments, at a pace that they normally wouldn't be able to consume if they were installed on premise. This co-innovation keeps a company relevant and moving forward.

If a business is interested in implementing SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, they must prepare, but it isn’t complicated. All you need to do is to either reach out to your account team or SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud team to discuss how you can get started with SAP HANA, understand and scope your landscape, and which components could benefit by moving to the enterprise cloud. 

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