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Are you wondering what your BI colleagues are challenged with these days? Here is a list of the top 5 topics people are viewing for BI 2014 in Nice. Looks like SAP BusinessObjects tool selection and dashboard design are top of mind.  

  1. An independent expert's guide to navigating the SAP BusinessObjects BI toolset
  2. Expert recommendations for picking the right SAP BusinessObjects BI solution for your reporting and dashboarding needs
  3. Business information design: A proven methodology for translating BI into easily consumable visualisations
  4. Data visualisation and dashboard design: Making your analytics 'intelligent'

And the track people are most interested in Track 1: BI and analytics strategy

Here is a preview of some of what Rafael Branger of IT-Logix will be covering in his session - An independent expert's guide to navigating the SAP BusinessObjects BI toolset.

  • What does “right” mean to you?
    • The solution must be accepted by end users
    • Usually this goes along with the solution must work
    • The solution must fit into the overall system architecture
    • The solution must be financially feasible
  • There are three major dimensions on which you position BI front-end tools:
    • Interactivity
    • Connectivity
    • Maturity

Ingo Hilgefort from SAP approaches the subject as well, and recommends:

    • Your role is to LISTEN to the requirements --  Do Not make suggestions
    • Create user stories and use cases for your requirements
    • Without using product names
    • Involve your business users in all stages for early feedback -- not only the BW/DWH team
    • Shadow your business users (1 day in their life)
    • Ask questions at important steps -- Why are you exporting the report to Excel?

To learn more about what Ingo and Raphael will be presenting, and see the full agenda and speaker lineup for BI 2014, taking place May 21-23rd in Nice, France, visit

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