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Importance of web development trends in day-to-day life

Technology in the modern world is advancing at a rapid pace and if you wish to exploit the fullest potential of it, then it is must get your own self updated with the latest technological trends.

As we know that web has its presence in almost all areas of our life, right from ordering your pizza or booking your flight ticket. Behind all these, there is a website and it is quite challenging to create an engaging digital experience.

Again, to create an engaging website with a good strategy it is necessary to get yourself acquainted with the latest trends in web development technologies. To create a niche place among 1.8 billion websites, which are always in a race to bag their target audience.

Top 10 trends in the latest web development technologies in 2021

Progressive web applications (PWA)

These days Progressive web applications became the talk of many companies, as they come with a plethora of advantages like sending push notifications, able to run in offline mode, thus creating, a user experience similar to native apps. Progressive web applications being much lighter to download and offer benefits of native apps like great responsiveness and quick loading.

Leading corporates like Twitter, Starbucks, Forbes, and Uber have built their presence in PWA to provide more responsive performance to their customers. Some corporates have reported that, by embracing PWA, their users started to spend a whopping 40% more time over the PWA compared to earlier mobile websites.
So, in the year 2021, we will see more spikes in the growth of PWA, and this trend will continue in the future.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI has already made inroads into our daily lives, many times knowingly as well as unknowingly and AI has been in trends for the last few years. AI comes with a great capability which many corporates yearn for like it can process large amounts of data and can-do personalization of it to a great level, further it presents information that is relevant to the target audience or interests them.

AI collects vital information like top category pages, the number of visits to the website, and the history of searches done by the user and stores it to make more accurate and relevant recommendations.

AI is helping to shape web development in a better way and by offering multiple features like chatbots and voice-based interactions, we are sure that AI will keep trending even more in the coming days.

Dark more or Low Light UX

Dark mode or Low Light UX is another trend to watch for in 2021, as there has been increased demand for such features and innovative web designs.

Dark mode has been already introduced by a number of websites and to enable it, many websites provide a simple toggle button, whereas some users need to visit the settings section.

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the dark mode function is that it helps to save power for devices having OLED and AMOLED screens, and minimizes strain on the eyes of the user. However, none can deny that using dark mode for websites makes it look more appealing and cooler to the users, which ultimately leads to a good user experience, and moreover, end-users are sure to keep it as a trend in the coming years.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is one of the popular trends in the web development arena which we are witnessing at the current time. IoT has its presence over a wide range of things around us like smartwatches or personal assistants.

IoT consists of sensors that are interconnected to other computer devices and process data that is collected from sensors, further transfers the same through cloud networks which makes any delays in the system impossible.

IoT has seen steady growth in web development due to the high security of all data-connected processes, accurate results, and building a dynamic and interactive UI experience. It is anticipated that by 2025, we will be witnessing around 60 billion IoT devices.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search technology since its inception has gained much popularity not just in the area of web development but everywhere. With the influx of more and more IoT devices that conveniently uses voice-based instructions one of the prime ways to communicate instead of hitting those buttons.

The popularity of voice search technology can be gauged from the fact that, numerous examples like Google Assistant, Cortana from Microsoft, and Siri from Apple of which function primarily over voice search technology and are greatly increasing user experience too. Voice search function if properly optimized can-do wonders as it is anticipated that those businesses who adopt it, can see an increase of 30% in their digital revenue by redesigning their website based on voice search.

Single-Page Applications (SPA)

Single-Page Applications are a sort of web apps those load as a single page and it works inside a browser and these SPAs does not require page reloading while being operated.

The main advantage SPA provides is that it mitigates the need to wait for the page reload unlike traditional apps and are ideal for low-speed internet connections.

Other benefits that SPAs offer are simplified development, reusability of backend code, ease of debugging, caching local data, and able to function offline.

We can certainly say that trend for Single-Page Applications has started and it is there to stay as global bigwig corporates like Uber, Facebook and Google have already embraced single-page applications.

Single-Page Websites (SPW)

Single-Page Website is a concept that can be understood from its name, that it aims to offer a website that contains one page without any additional pages like Services or About. SPW offers an intuitive user journey to users with its neat and comprehensive layouts.

SPAs make it easy to maintain vital information in one place for visitors of the website which can grab their attention, compared to multi-paged sites.

In that way, the flow of information can be controlled and deliver specific information before the user. Single-Page Websites are easy to optimize for mobile devices and even for development, it requires much lesser time and money, which makes it a win-win thing for users as well as companies to invest in such web technologies.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The aim behind the creation of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was to make mobile pages that are ultra-fast. Such accelerated mobile pages are very useful for sites with a high volume of traffic like e-commerce sites, as it has been reported that even a 1-second delay in the speed of a web page can reduce conversion by 7% and such things can adversely affect the long run. AMP pages do well even in terms of mobile search engine result pages and not just e-commerce websites but even for news and other websites too.

AMP is there to stay as it is a type of open-source library for creating websites, web pages, and web apps with a so-called “diet” HTML that makes it super lightweight, fast loading and it is a project designed by Twitter and Google.

Motion UI

Another trend to watch out for in 2021 is Motion UI technology, which is used for developing websites with enhanced animation. To develop an attractive web page, apps, the features like animation, graphics and transitions play an important role, so does the importance of Motion UI in the current time as trends in web design.
The Motion UI enables web developers to create websites with a focus on minimalist design and will no longer be compelled to work over JavaScript and jQuery. The use of Motion UI technology leads to increased user engagement, further it leads to a great user experience and finally leads to great ROI for businesses.

Advanced Chatbots

Since the last few years, there had been an unprecedented growth of chatbots that are integrated into the websites. With the rise of AI and the soaring demand for automated communication solutions, it is anticipated that chatbots are there to stay and play an important role in the realm of web development.

Chatbots being software program that has been built to process and simulate human conversations can recommend, respond and provide smart solutions to some common queries themselves.

All these make Chatbots highly sought after as it saves a big amount of costs for businesses replacing a number of customer service professionals and speeds up the problem-solving process. Therefore, Chatbots are there to stay as a trend in web development.


In 2021 and in the future, we will be witnessing the spike in demand for the above-mentioned technologies in the arena of web development as the events that occurred such as the global pandemic in 2020 had far-reaching effects. 2020 in fact shown us the way, how many businesses learned to operate remotely and tried the unexplored potential of technology, which earlier was only talked about.

As online presence is not just an option for businesses but a necessity and by leveraging these trending technologies will not only make sure your businesses survive but deliver enhanced user experience to users and help your businesses boom. As in today’s world, if you wish to make your presence felt through the global level – it’s all about web and web development trends!
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