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I checked the top 10 blogs for data and analytics written in 2022 according to Likes. Really happy to see a lot of activity from SAP people which is very important to get latest information and a deeper understanding for current topics. I'm also a little bit happy to see that my blog about "Data Lake" was interesting for many people.

I think these blogs are also a good indicator, what was important in 2022.

Top 10 SAP Data & Analytics blogs in short

deniz.osoy wrote about “Conversion to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: Conversion Paths and Cloud Transformation Steps”. He gave an extensive explanation about how to convert your existing SAP BW to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud using BW Bridge.

To make the cloud portfolio work together is very important. How the interplay between SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud works for Planning is explained by Maximilian maximilianpaul.gander in his blog “Introducing the Bi-Directional Integration of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud for P...” and it makes totally sense to also read his maximilianpaul.gander#content:blogposts about these topics to get a whole picture.

Also in the area of SAP Analytics Cloud, i-lin.hsu give a step-by-step explanation about “How to integrate SAP Analytics Cloud for planning with SAP S/4HANA for group reporting”, what is an enhanced version of the 2020 blog from pierre-francois.tchakedjian.

A short blog but obviously a very interesting information came from daniel.felsmann about “SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is now available for consumption under CPEA”. Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) makes it now easier for SAP Cloud customers to access SAP DWC.

In “Data Architecture with SAP – Data Lake” I put together what I know could try and find out about using Data Lake with SAP. It is part of my “Data Architecture with SAP” series. I combined It with architecture concepts for combined Data Lake/Data Warehouse platforms and current developments like Data Lakehouse.

Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to put everything together to show what a solution is capable to do. mirkolink did that in “SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: Key Feature Overview” with showing what SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud can do together and serve it with some videos to help to get a good look and feel.

If it is about using scripts to access or manage SAP Analytics Cloud look for blogs and documents by He help you to explore new ways to make use of SAC. How to export data is shown in “SAP Analytics Cloud Export Data API Sample Scripts” and the corresponding documents and scripts.

In “Meet SAP’s AI Portfolio and What It Can Do For You”, noravth did a great job to give everyone a comprehensive overview about the current possibilities doing AI/ML with SAP services and solutions.

adem.baykal wrote about a nice new function in SAP Analytics Cloud “Let SAC track your KPIs: Send “Data Change Insights” based on SAP BW/4HANA live data via mail or to ...” and explain it in detail in his blog.

For some SAP tools today it is maybe more important to understand the direction the tool goes. So shibajee.dutta.gupta wrote a well recognized blog about the “Statement of Direction – SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward” where long term and next release is communicated.

Most interesting blogs 2022 in general

To have a final look at non data and analytics topics I found the blog from rajarajeswari_kaliyaperumal#content:blogposts from Wipro. She is really productive writing blogs and with "Difference between SAP S/4HANA :Public Vs Private edition : RISE with SAP" she seems to hit a high interest with nearly 44.000 views and 152 likes!

But most likes goes to the blog "Evolution of ABAP" by SAP's karl.kessler with currently 169 likes and more than 16.000 views. Really great, I love such blogs showing you where everything comes from!

So good writing and happy reading for 2023!
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