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With Fiori being the new UX or Entry point for users, we very well understood by now that we need to manage the Launchpad content for the best user experience. This includes identifying the right apps, grouping/arranging them in the catalogs with assignment to custom roles to activation of all the components. While we do all this or with changes overtime there ought to be issues in the Launchpad.

The Issues can be categorized into different types as shown below.

And without knowing where to look for issues and how to analyze, it could become a nightmare to maintain Fiori Launchpad contents and apps.

Thanks to SAP, there are different out of the box standard tools available to analyze these Launchpad issues and figure out resolution at a faster pace.

In this Blog series, we will cover, what all tools we have and how to use them to Analyze the issues.

Available Tools

Below are the different tools and a short description of tools coverage and link to the details blog on usage of the tool.

Tool Description Details  Blog
Fiori Launchpad Content Manager

Can be used to Analyze:

  • Differences on the configuration and the customizing scope of the catalogs.

  • Unresolved tiles and target mappings references.

  • configuration issues of tile and target mapping.

Fiori Launchpad Checks Check the consistency of delivered and customized content created for use with SAP Fiori launchpad. Fiori Launchpad Checks (/UI2/FLC)
Orphaned Catalogs and Groups Check launchpad content in the customizing scope for orphaned objects and clean up the content. Checking Orphaned Fiori Catalogs and Groups

SAP Fiori launchpad

content aggregator
Get an aggregated overview of all the launchpad content maintained in the SAP Fiori launchpad content manager Check this Wonderful blog from jocelyn.dart 
Fiori System Alias Check (transaction /UI2/FSAC) Check the consistency of system aliases configured for the launchpad Fiori System Alias Checks, Intent Analysis & Text Analysis
Fiori Launchpad Intent Analysis Can be used to Analyze issues related to Intent (Semantic Object-Action) Fiori System Alias Checks, Intent Analysis & Text Analysis
Fiori Launchpad Text Analyze SAP Fiori launchpad texts maintained in the SAP Fiori launchpad designer.

Fiori System Alias Checks, Intent Analysis & Text Analysis

Logging and tracing Display messages for OData services and utilities (e.g. reports) of the SAP NetWeaver user interface services. Fiori Launchpad Logging and Tracing
App Support tool Display configuration or authorization issues for a specific app in the SAP Fiori launchpad. Setting up Fiori Launchpad APP Support Plug-in

Using these tools will definitely help you to expedite the Fiori Launchpad issues resolution and better maintenance of the Launchpad Content.

Keep Learning & Keep Sharing!!

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